Bianca Andreescu vs Serena Williams Full Match | US Open 2019 Final


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  1. This was the MOST painful match I have ever experienced. I was there in my $500 seat in total disbelief. Serena was so nervous. She beat her self in this match. Her nerves took over.

  2. The stupid U.S. commentators just wouldn't stop saying Serena is playing poorly, Serena is playing poorly, Serena is making too many mistakes, Serena played differently against Svitolina, etc. etc. I was really tired of it. Bianca was just pounding balls deep in the court or blowing them past her. She was receiving serve well and just kept pressure on all the time. That's why Serena was missing … not because she wasn't playing the same as before. Her opponent was just better. Let's hope that Bianca can be healthy and rule the game for a while because I have had it with Serena's attitude on the court. She is great off the court, but on it she is just a mess. She has had a great career and is still a top player but it's time for the spotlight to be on someone else in the future.

  3. Those are not audience. They are just bullies, and disgrace to the sport! From Osaka to Andreescu, who’s you guys’ next target? I am sooo glad that both of the young ladies put Serena down as a revenge to your treatment to them!

  4. Very happy for Bianca winning the US Open. It's refreshing to see so many different women players winning the Grand Slams. I can understand New Yorkers rooting for Serena. But I can't find myself rooting for her because of her poor behavior at some of the US Open matches. Serena cannot seem to get past given a warning or penalized a point. When that happens, she constantly berates the lines people or officials. She did so when she played Stosur during the 2011 finals. It happened when she played Clisters at the 2009 SF US Open. Most recently, against Osaka , during the 2018 US Open finals. Sadly, Serena has NEVER apologized for her behavior during those matches. What's amazing is, people keep rooting for her. Good for Bianca. Glad she kept her composure and won.

  5. You must play her again I have confidence in you you can do it you know just how you win all off your matches I didn't see that face on you, you know that bring it on face, your head was not in the right direction your head was down and not up .

  6. Serena you are loved by the world you will forever be the best, but you know the time this young lady Bianca is the future of Tennis you know when you where her age love the both off you and do what you do best and to the best off your ability

  7. Thanks US Open for the full match, However I do wish you deleted all the clips of that social climber ex royal Markle who couldn’t stop staring at her self on the big screen.

  8. 2 things….1) look how desperate the crowd was rooting for serena in the 2nd set. It was out of control. they knew she was nervy and being outstaged by andrescu. 2 ) If this was a no-fans slam, the 2nd set would be a steamroll!

  9. My 3 favourite young Canadian ladies appearing on the world stage and making their mark in their chosen fields; Bianca Andreescu, Brooke Henderson and Alessia Cara. Great, classy women boding well for the future of their country. When the virus is gone, they will be back. I’m patiently waiting.

  10. I am so happy that serena lost (sad for serena though) because of that old dude in her box. Being that animated doesn’t fit to him 😆 and this crowd is full of crap – no human qualities at all – just dirty money.

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