Best of Daft Punk 1997-2017 (Best Moments 20 Years)


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  1. I’m so happy Julian Casablancas name has been credited 3:09 as a producer of RAM. People seems to forget that he took a huge part in this project. He’s so underrated.

  2. “Loving Daft Punk Poem”

    I’m only a big fan of electronic music on the whole planet in my heart
    Since 2005 I haven’t heard of daft Punk since I was a baby and so I do art
    15 years later I became a teen because I like being myself along
    Daft Punk is my Favourite on Earth It makes my soul feel the song

    I like Guy Manuel and Thomas they both sound awesome to my ears
    Because every time I see them it make me draw stuff to wipe away tears
    And so I liked a lot of electronic audios and I love the albums for a whole life
    I remembered Trying Daft Punk in 2014 and I made storm Fiction the new album my heart is the edge of a knife

    Thanks a lot to you Daft world cause I’m a big fan of daft punk music

  3. MY favorite part of this whole thing is when they're announcing the winner of the grammy's and are showing all the nominated artists and Taylor Swift's group think they won because her album was Red and Daft's was Random Access Memories. So they both begin sounding the same and they the look on their faces when they realize it was Daft's album is was priceless.

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