Benicio del Toro & Michael Douglas – Actors on Actors – Full Conversation


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  1. Yes please Benicio, do some rom com. Even though he had done a lot of tough guy character but maybe that's why there are not a lot of rom com script get send to him, but please try. The only rom com I saw him in was 1997 Excess Baggage. 23 years ago. I love to see him do rom com.

  2. Michael Douglas was confused. When Streets of San Fransico was on there were definitely the 3 networks…CBS, NBC, and ABC…ABC was a fully established network.

  3. Hearing Michael Douglas say that Steven Spielberg basically ensured he wouldn't get an award because his film was a "TV movie" despite it being shown theatrically is absolutely insane. Spielberg and the rest of these theater elitists need to get with the fucking times.

  4. This was so good….a great match…Benicio is so alpha that he probably won't work again….male roles are limited to disgusting and pathetic now….Michael was king for decades before he married a much younger Catherine Zeta Jones and bowed out….effectively making even Hugh Heffner look like an amateur…..very cool to see all the respect and admiration they have for each other….pay attention young people….this is the right way.

  5. BLT is such a believable actor. MD doesn't so much draw you in as BLT does but takes you along for the ride! The K Method is so good on so many levels and has an overall wonderful feel about it. MD certainly showed the extent of his acting range in Behind The Candelabra and you just didn't see him at all! Had he been nominated for an Oscar then it would have been his.
    Talks like these are the real deal, equals talking about their profession😎👍

  6. two of the best! hard to believe Michael Douglas has any difficulties to get a picture picked up by a studio…..especially gay featured love story with Matt Damon in an industry that is known for many of the movers& shakers to be gay! Ironic

  7. Omg yes!!! Benicio and Michael ! The greats in one room 🙏🏼♥️
    Benicio in Excess Baggage and in The Wolfman . Diverse !! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Michael in Ant Man and Wall Street – greatest acting !!

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