Ben Affleck is Back as Batman- My Thoughts


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  1. I know that this has nothing to do with this video, but I need to fix the bow on the shadow of the tomb raider statue from the ultimate edition. It snapped off about a third of the way down. What should I use? You cant, unfortunately, add pics to a comment so here's a link to a pic of it. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  2. I think Affleck's Batman is the best version however the difference in the story they gave him between BvS and justice league was miles apart he kicked arse in BvS but what he was given to work on during justice league was a travesty

  3. I knew Ben Affleck coming back as batman he left because he was not. Happy about. Justice league story for batman he wanted to zack snyder. Cut to come out and flash film more of his scenes in. Justice league cut. And Henry cavill as superman I want to find. It on dvd zack. Left. For awhile because his daughter was. In a crash or something that's why they had to replace directors zack snyder cut is on HBO max 2021 or 2o22 first later his version will be out later it will be a 4 hour long movie then. Shorter version of justice league I do. Feel sorry for zack we all want to see his. Justice league hope you are having a good weekend and summer. Be save

  4. This is insane. Warner Bros figured out how to get me to watch an Ezra Miller Flash movie. Because I don't give a damn for it. I just wanna see Keaton and Affleck. That's all I care about here. Because I still do not like Ezra Miller as Flash. Never will.

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