Basic Bi**hes & Crackhead Reincarnation feat. Krista Allen | Savage Snowflake Podcast #49


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  1. I don't know if it's because Krista is so thin now or if the rumors are true about her having plastic surgery but in my opinion she looked much better when she was a little fuller. Just saying, she could use a few more lbs on her.

  2. Watch Nick Dipaolo's podcast and you will get the truth and stop being a leftist victim. Anything that ends in ism is bullshit created by democrats to keep the sheep stagnant.

  3. I think you stated your points very well. I could also see that you were not enjoying it as much as the other guests you have had on.

  4. glad youre articulate enough to explain to her you arent a woman hater and are just a youtuber hater. Youre right about pandering with youtube red and content like that needs to stop.

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