Arrowverse Superheroes Say Goodbye to Stephen Amell | Entertainment Weekly


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  1. Happy 39th birthday Stephen. You’re the dorky fearless leader who’s also the most beautiful, kind and handsome man! Arrowverse wouldn’t exist without you and we all really do love you!


    Update: I haven't watched any more episodes of the other shows except for the ones right after because I👏🏼am👏🏼still👏🏼crying👏🏼about👏🏼it👏🏼

    Update again: So, I watched them

  3. They keep saying that Stephen started the Arrowverse in which okay technically he did and that none of this would be possible without him but technically none of this would be possible without Tom Welling's Smallville because the writers were the ones who took ideas and inspiration from Smallville to create a Green Arrow show

  4. I was a senior in high school when this show started never missed a episode doesn’t feel real to me that next week this show ends for good Oliver Queen started it thx for the memories Stephen

  5. Stephen smell started it all The Godfather of the arrowverse and now its ending this season has been tough first tony stark in marvel and now arrow gone 😭😭😭 love the cast and crew and these characters I’ll never forget

  6. Anti-Monitor: I'm a god, who the hell are you?
    Stephen Amell: My name is Oliver Queen, I'm the Green Arrow! And You, Anti-Monitor, You have failed the multiverse!!!

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