Alec Baldwin Gives the Roasters a Taste of Their Own Medicine – Roast of Alec Baldwin


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  1. I have no idea how this guy gets the honor of being roasted on CC.
    He called his own daughter a disgusting pig.
    He's also the biggest racist and xenophobic POS.
    But let's celebrate him because "OrAnGe MaN BaD"

  2. epic career with tons of great friends and former cast members and these people are who CC could throw together??? The whole event was unfunny and poorly planned. Baldwin looked miserable and not in the right way. It's probably been since the Franco roast that you've had any success at all.

  3. WhTs funny is that they didnt mention how he drinks tortured captured childrens blood at satanic rituals . With the rest of the the govt elite and hollyweird pedoscumbags

  4. This is so weird, I could swear this roast of Alec Baldwin had already been done a few years ago already, it’s like a Mandela effect or something

  5. it's funny how time kinda slows down for this shit, if anyone knows where i can get the pure cocaine version, the uncut first premiere version on CC, please let me know, i don't have cable

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