Alan Rickman – Ultimate Compilation


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  1. Today, our dear Alan would have turned 74 years old. Let us try to celebrate this day as best we can, because he will always live on in our hearts, memories and through the many movies, tv-shows and theatre shows he has gifted us with. Happy Birthday, Alan <3

  2. I lost count of how many times he hits his head to the door and falls to the group 😂😂❤️
    it was all fun and laughs..then the last 8 minutes happened and i just lost it 💔..
    Sir alan rickman was part on my therapy..the thing is my father died few months ago from cancer.. and i discoverred alan rickman in the same week of his death.. As severus Snape..
    I thought of him as beautiful human being just like my father .. then i discoverred he is actually dead.. and from cancer too.. 💔💔 .. So now i am trying not to miss both of them because it is very very painful.. 💔

  3. This is great mate thing is I clicked on the video completely disregarding how long the video was then was like 6 mins in and was curious to how much more of this video there was left and I see that I have another 50 mins I'm like no fucking way let's goooo 😂😂

  4. Thank you. I love your video. I still miss him so much even though I didn't know him. I was such a huge fan I saw all of his movies. I would have loved to see him in theatre as well but it was always too far to go.

  5. Oh my God, this is amazing!
    Thank you so much for doing this! I miss Alan so greatly, but we still can enjoy his wonderful work and your edit does them justice.
    You deserve an award for this masterpiece.

  6. Just watched Sense and Sensibility again and feeling sentimental, found this wonderful tribute video. Extremely well done…so grateful for this, for all of us that appreciated such a great actor and still feel the loss. You have captured so much of this actors versatility in your video, it's amazing. The door slamming at all the right places really cracked me up, loved every bit of the editing. You have a talent and eye for something that takes a great deal of concentration and patience. Also thanks for listing all the info, very much appreciated. Again, great job. Thank you!

  7. You just random oerson i found in internet but i want u know that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AHBBHAHSHSJSKSKSNS This is a big and hard work…thank u so much!!!!!! And btw woukd u mind if i ask where u got Snow cake clips? And these good quality of clips

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