Adam Lambert & Kris Allen & Queen-We are the champions (American Idol) HD


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  1. ive watched this time and time again, Adam WOW!!! OMG!!! also noticed that when it comes to the solo's in this song, Kris has what I call the quiet lines and Adam has the more powerful one's which my god he blasts out of the park, but I felt they were protecting this Kris because if he would have done one of the powerful solo's it would have shown us that his voice was really not that good so the public would not go off him, saying that I think they had already chosen their winner before this no way were they ever going to let Adam win at any cost, there loss is QUEENS gain who's the biggest star now who is playing to millions at concerts? one clue its not that guy Kris

  2. I. do not. understand. why. adam. did not. win.
    I mean you can hear his voice is better.
    But you know, I don't even know who Kris is so, yeah. And Adam is literally a member of Queen by now.

  3. There was misinformation on this thinking Queen only did this show for Adam. But it got him on their radar for sure. My favorite moment of the show is Brian's double take at 1:42.

    Adam was better off not winning even though he was the clear choice. I hear winners in these shows get locked in bad contracts. Or at least use to.

  4. How is it possible that Adam lost this competition..the look on Bryan May’s face when Adam starts singing says it all…lesson…he lost this fight but won the war!!!! Adam and Queen are magic together! 💜💜💜

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