2019 Final Round Broadcast


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  1. What is most amazing to me about this, if there is one thing, is that he fought off 5-8 of the best players with only a few holes remaining. This wasn’t a dual, he had a herd of incredible players all around him, and he still did it. Not a typical Tiger win at all and it was SO FREAKING AMAZING.

  2. This cements Tiger, once and for all, as the GOAT. Aside from the affirmation of sport's most incredible comeback, what Tiger finally got the chance to do was prove he could win a major from behind; this wasn't a ten shot blitz of the field, it was veteran navigation of Augusta National as the New Breed drowned around him.

  3. Some sports I only watch to see one or a small handful of players (MJ/Lebron in the NBA, Federer/Nadal for tennis). I never would have cared at all for golf if not for Tiger Woods.

  4. every day he played a round, 18 holes and some practice, every night he played around to with some blond he met at the bar and the fly of the tiger was unzipped again and he thought no one would be the wiser, he had plenty of women some were skeezers and hos and their eye was on the fly of the tiger! (eye of the tiger song)

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