2018 US Open Highlights: Serena Williams' dispute overshadows Naomi Osaka's final win | ESPN


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  1. She clearly verbally abused the judge even called him a thief then CRIES that SHE is the victim. Look how she even played her "woman" card OMG….
    Bah hah hah !!!!!!!!!!

  2. There she is wanting to use her black priveldge again. The aholes who booed her opponent when she rightfully won should be banned from attending the tournament ever again.

  3. Sad thing is that there is thousands of people like her not just in sports but in society where they think they can get their way by whining and complaining. I would be embarrassed if I was her. Learn how to lose.

  4. Serena's coach literally confessed to inappropriately coaching her during this match. That doesn't necessarily mean that Serena was trying to cheat, but she needs to understand that the first violation – the warning – was justified because her own coach caused it. It wasn't the official being unfair or disrespectful towards Serena. If there's anyone she should be initially ticked off at, it should be her coach. Everything after that – the additional penalties and her complete psychological meltdown – was 100% Serena's fault. She's experienced enough to know better than to let a "bad" call (in her eyes) get to her.

  5. How can the umpire agree with Serena while the cameras aren't on… but then clearly penalize her thereafter… i would have been upset too. If she couldn't truly see and thought it was a thumbs up then she wasn't cheating. We do not know Serena to cheat… and she has lost slams before.

  6. Serena is just terrible, imagine ruining a little sweet child like Naomi’s breakthrough moment because you were caught cheating, then say that you are a woman of color getting discriminated when Naomi is also a woman of color. Such disgraceful attitude because she knew she no longer had the talent to compete. Such disgraceful attitude

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